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Meanwhile a new hero landed from helicopter engages in action. It's interesting, how unidentified helicopters can fly in the sky of our Socialistic Czechoslovakia. It carries very strange insignia - Polish Air forces, or taxi, or both of them...
The strange man visited probable touchdown area - circle of burnt ground and collected some cogent evidence. What are you doing? There is no anything interesting. Dig, dig, our home-bred ufologist.
Journalists become familiar about Majka's arriving in Tchabovets. But they can't keep this in secret. Women-secretaries spread amazing news with tremendous speed supplying lack of information with their own ungovernable fantasies. Seems somebody have great problems with privacy regime. "Moles" plunders! Personal secretary of chief herself provide information to everybody! Only enemies can do this! Well, who are responsible fro privacy from local State security office? We need to check his work.

Reporters operatively breaking own and other's plans quickly runs to airport.

It's interesting to know, what secretaries had blabbed out. And what number of legs really star-guest has. So much people are in trouble. And if they had plans to visit Paris, for example. That time it was more than problem in socialist state.

Meanwhile, hotel director, trying to escape from avalanche of phone calls, observes arriving of strange visitors. It's a sort of mobile model agency. Pani Krivosheva - secretary of director seems to play not the last role in this. Without hesitation director orders Krivosheva Majka's secretary as well.

To arrive earlier than professional reporters is a great talent! Secretaries forever!
Stranger safely reaches the hotel. Where for some sum gets needed info about Majka's residence.

Wherefore you supply strangers by top secret info, our trained woodpecker!  Betrayed for gratuity?!

A small reason for local emergency rush. Majka disappears from her room. Director in panic asks Kompish for assistance. But luckily Emil with his Majka-finder appears to be near at hand. The main talent to find himself in needed place in time! Really it's interesting, what director could do in other case?
It's easy to see that Majka prefer to spend time accompanied by her friends outside hotel. Well, having fun and replying to the questions within the limits of the possible. It's better than to be accompanied by venal doorman. I myself would avoid even showing my back to him. And director also looks fishily.
That times a group of finders starts searching of disappeared alien. Following data from Emil's device they ignores such drawbacks as policeman Kvashniak and road signs. Really why need to divert on details of landscape. Genius ideas are burning and police can't stop us. Besides, it's our own police. All problems later will be easily resolved.
"Hotel group" is approaching. Sensor ability of Majka are needless, as visitors immediately entraps themselves in the primitive signalling system and loudly gives notice all the company about their arrival. He-he. No surprise? You'd need better to look under foot. Signalling cord are installed especially for such guests to avoid surprise visits.
The children beware of Majka need to leave them for the hotel. And director tries to persuade her to return back. Besides, he tries to impose pani Krivosheva as Majka's secretary, but alien seems to find another candidate on this appointment. Why he's promoting this pani? She has no own work to do? Majka is right to reject this candidate. This crocodile-peeper Krivosheva, as important, as snows of yesterday for her.
Majka agrees to return back only if Karol to become her secretary.

Btw, mentioned stranger found himself just around the quarry.

It's obvious, that professional secretaries obtain also professional garrulity. Need we such one?

And to give a wink to Karol is merely human emotions. Nothing similar could be seen earlier.

In the hotel Majka and Karol are shown a small fashion show. With space trend, of course. Mamma mia! What fancy dresses! I would like fashion of year 1913 much more. Of course, I'm tolerant to artist's fantasy, but not in SUCH scales of impracticality!... Well, lets hope Majka will not dress in such a style.

Frankly boring show. When Karol was close to sleep the process suddenly was interrupted by just another visitor, what revive some plans of vindictive Karol.

A-a-u-u-. Morning here?... Sorry, I also fell asleep. And what visitor do we have? I'm interested too.
And it's old fellow - teacher Gaidosh accompanied with local ensemble of song and maybe even dance. He tries to breakthrough into the room, but a small surprise is waiting for him. An enigmatic secretary, prohibited visitors to enter appears to be his own pupil Karol Tchutka. And Karol used a rare chance to pay back the teacher. He promise to register the teacher's request for visit...later...maybe.... Mmmm... Fine revenge. But seems in the new school year the boy will certainly have problems. Only now he's secretary. And what later? Often teachers remember such demarches of their pupils ve-e-e-ry well. And tries to feedback in the most unsuitable moment.

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