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Active discussion of the rocket route in progress. Of course several light year distance trip is unavailable, but why not to travel within own republic. Something very interesting is thought to appear. And on some super-light super-powerful aircraft. I believe they thought through everytihng....
Now everything is ready for flight. Majka takes her place in "pilot cabin" and her friends - passenger seats respectively. Hey, why not to use free time for increasing comfort at least up for business class. Ok, at least rug for pilot-Majka could find! She's need to operate aircraft for several hours. You can try yourself sitting several hours on unplanned board, promise fantastic feelings. And if it's re-e-ling from side to side...
Hurrah, Taking-off! Course- Bratislava! Thus, in spite of some small constructive defects the start was perfect. Small reference. Carrying capacity of this aircraft is at least 8 times greater, than analogous attribute of famous broom of Harry Potter. And speed, as we can see later is incompatible!.. I wonder, have they already taken a patent for this invention?
While our cosy little gathering has a good time known UFO-helicopter lands "SWAT team" - masked impostors. They makes their way to the hotel. So, WANTED: Mi-2 helicopter and six folks of conspicuous appearance. Reward guaranteed. Inform by post-office...
Pals are flying to Bratislava, frightening away passing airplanes. What you are looking at, country bumpkin rival? People are flying in business trip and not like you - loafer. Surely that last mug of beer was excessive, but not to such a degree to cause hallucinations! Clear off the sky, therefore and don't occupy air corridor to Bratislava.
Here is Bratislava! Fine, navigator good job! Oops, sorry, I remembered slang of bomber pilots. I'm anxious about local antiaircraft system. It's clearly ineffective! And if they carried bomb loading?! Ten days under arrest for the chief of Bratislava antiaircraft sector!!! As you were!! Travelers have anti radar system installed onboard.
Children lands and leaves rocket in car park under Jurko's guard. However it hinders another company in the red passenger car, who also wants to park their vehicle. Its driver has much doubts in ability of our rocket crew to reach Praha before themselves. Each driver suppose his own car to be the main one. So, it's a matter of principle to honk for other drivers on a road or parking. Well, "rocket" looks like salvage, but we'll see who'll be the last to laugh...
After short walk around the town the children flew to Praha. But suddenly a thunder-storm is found ahead We are not compatible with strategic bomber. Therefore landing is good idea. Good walk is also ok.
It was decided to land and walk until the end of raining. Our company meets a truck. Company was allowed to load into its its body. But the truck seems to be broken. Majka "helps" it to move forward both without usage of own engine and driver. As Russian drivers jokes: "spark went in tyre". Well, be happy, pal to save petrol.
After the rain is finished our crew again direct their steps towards Praha started directly from the body of truck, for great surprise of both driver and his fellow. Soon children can see the capital of Czechoslovakia (still socialist that time) Hey, where is the nearest office to claim the world record for the greatest flight distance on aircraft without wings and engine?
Children pars their rocket nearby the Karl Bridge. Driver of the car mentioned above is in great shock watching this "missile". He couldn't get in mind this heap of scrap metal to be faster than his car! Parking of garbage near historical sites is strongly forbidden! Well, where are our "drag racers"? Seems you wanted to get better result, eh? It's not 402m distance and your car is still not Chevrolet, or GM model. Didn't you forget to pay some debts for us for your loss?
Children found themselves on a shooting area. Shooting of a movie about musketry is in progress. In this case Katka and not Majka decided to take initiative into her hands in breaking shootings of current scene. Well, Majka will not stay behind. And her opportunities are somewhat greater...
Shootings are resumed, when Majka decides "to take part" in movie production. Poor producer. He has very hard day today.

Majka's assistance consists of deceleration of actors play. When infuriated producer demanded "more liveliness" it only causes "super-liveliness" effect. Everybody gets much fun except producer and cameraman.

But it's time to return home. Preparing for taking off children notices known red car on sale.

Can't stop been astonishing of Majka's abilities! Now she demonstrated collective illusion (changing of time is impossible even for advanced civilization without some special effects, which can't be seen in this case).

Take in mind, when the car is sold to send your debt for loss..

Boys return home. Majka, Karol and Jurko ran away and the others one surprise is waiting for in the face of regular stranger. Stranger he is for the children. We know what "James Bond" he is. Well, I don't think you are similar to super-man. And are you informed entrance to the club is allowed only for those, who have guidelines from two members of it and had paid all fees in advance for two years?

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