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The odd stranger seems even not to notice to walk on the water like on ground. And Karol decided to swim there driving her back on the ground. Visitor easily carries herself on the bank even didn't bothering with walk. She haven't show intend to bite as well, what is very good and demonstrates rare kind of peacefulness. By the way, and if human can fly, why can't he/she walk on water? No risk at all. Hm...but if to scoop a portion of water by high galoshes it'll be several pounds. But as we'll see later all this is trifle.

At last the girl found herself on the bank. She appears to know Slovak language, but the first phrases astonishes both boys. She asserts to be from Gurun using some "Felix" system. Gurun appears to be not in Africa, Australia or even in the USSR, but a planet in another Galaxy. So, good version about her appearance from the nearest hotel has failed. Btw, her name appears to be Maj-ka, or simply Majka. Maybe it's not true, but more suitable for everybody.

It's a pity. Hotel version was quite reasonable. Another planet is much more cool though. And note, no monsters with bloody teeth and other horrors...

Of course visitor from other planet is not usual thing here. Accidentally Majka took burning piece of sassage and showed no any feelings of pain or anxiety. That really is strange and our friends finally came to believe her story and decided to make a ceremonial meeting. But accidentally no guard of honor appeared to be nearby, so all the ceremony didn't went beyond welcoming speech.

It's nothing good in trying to entertain alien with sassage. It's clear that there were no fancy cake even in the deepest corner. but at least decent sandwich could find! Ok, lets take into consideration element of surprise.

As usual, friends suddenly appears and your fridge is empty, cat is hungry and a half of crockery dirty altogether..


Majka wants to accompany her new friends, but how? Her dress looks like, ... hm... too avant-garde. So, boys simply wraps her in a blanket. Admittedly she all the time tries to fly up, and have a strange step. But never mind. Maybe everybody misses this... Really Majka's clothes doesn't satisfy that times. Such one wouldn't be appreciated in 1970s in socialist country. It's now you can dress in what you want, more shock - better.
Majka shows her friends that to fly was much better than to walk. If you think that nobody could see that exercise, you are mistaken. Ferko and his sister Katka observes this miracle. But policeman Kvashniak is not sure he could see anything unusual, or he simulates?

"Why people can't fly like a birds..." Ostrovskiy (Russian writer). Ok, to fly down can everybody, but to fly up usual causes much problems. Often only improvised means makes this possible: airplanes, helicopters, rockets, powder, trinitrotoluene.. Somebody alleges that you can fly from smoking some grasses, but I cant recommend this. Later you can get problems with real horribles

Oops..! Can you recognize this furry animal? And this is alive and hmmm...more or less healthy Jozho. Jurko returns him to home while farmers are discussing Katka and Ferko's story about a flying girl.

What are you doing, rogue?!!!

You see, he even didn't get trouble to wash poor rabbit! Rabbit is still smoking!

And who'll pay for the stress of the animal?! Greenpeace is needed in this case!

Meanwhile all the trio safely reaches the house of Karol, where his granny is waiting. The idea is excellent - to get some old clothes for the guest.

He-heh...Grannies often are very kind..... until their adorable grandchildren not bringing surprises...


Granny suddenly is full of scepsis listening to this fantastic story of Majka's appearance. Seems it'll be hard to persuade her.

And what you think? Beloved grandchild appeared with his new girlfriend and demands clothes for her! Oh, times, oh, lax morals...

No, my dear, go into the habit of extricating from difficulties yourself. Very useful in future life.

Suddenly unexpectedly emotional reaction of kind granny caused by the clothes of Majka results in escaping of Slavo and Karol. She also has the same intends towards the guest...

Ohhh....Can remember myself such a situation. You think your granny will appreciate your ordinary genius idea, but reality appears to be more dark and prosy.

And I anticipate you that they needed to extricate from this situation themselves. You need to to hold aloof from grannies in such a mood. Experimentally proofed fact!

Majka easily escapes from the room by the most safe route - by ceiling, that pani Chutkova gaped in astonishment.

Alas, earthlings absolutely can't be recommended such an useful way of barrage's overcoming. First of all you'll be made to whitewash a ceiling.

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