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While grandma puts in order Karol's trousers, which had suffered from recent adventure she listens a story about events passed by her. She is full of scepsis and is going...oh, no, not for her favorite ax, but for another favorable weapon - carpet beater, when unexpected visitors knocks at the door... Hardly anything can astonish old woman after all that remarkable events of the last days, but Karol was able to resolve this difficult task. It's good he managed to escape from more radical punishment.

Strange to know that Dr. Pavlik and his assistant Petrik came just for Carol, but not for his father, which has worked in Iran for a year. If to omit some details, Dr. Pavlik becomes a secretary of Carol that has to resolve some small current problems.

Something like "Senior assistant of junior ashman". And military training can be clearly seen. Historical remark: the book was written in 1968, when nobody could predict "The Great Islamic Revolution" in Iran.

Meanwhile unlucky spy replies to some hard questions of his bosses. He describes bright perspectives for reproduction of things up to tanks and demonstrates the results including identical suitcases and cakes. ...And you can duplicate aircraft-carrier, if to employ extra-fantasies. If to think a bit more, what amount of energy is needed to spend for this? Who calculated effectiveness of this device? Computers will overheat to calculate! Look what amount of energy Majka spent for suitcases duplicating.
But bosses looks unsatisfied with his mission. The spy behaved himself like a Hollywood star! He needed to spend much efforts (and $$$) to get such a press! His face is on the first pages of newspapers! A small remark. That time this place was reserved for such an odious figures like leaders of different communist parties and agricultural. Need our Mafia super-stars of yellow press? Spies must be quiet and invisible! And I predicted such a result...Sorry, friend, you seems to be looser.

Very quickly and effectively he's removed from scene.

Draw attention, they left no traces in the room. real professionals
There are no further info what happened later with that spy. Maybe his hands were stretched up to the width of a tank, or he was treated in the best traditions of Mafia. But we can't see him in the next episodes that causes sad thoughts about his fate.
Majka, who got some lessons from Katka, is training Earth dances in her own understanding - with elements of fly and somersaults. She'll have much to tell her mates on Gurun. Nothing good in wasting time seating alone. If doctor forbid going out, this situation must be employed with maximal effectiveness. Absence of visible debris also can be assumed to be positive results of the visit to the Earth.

Haven felt approaching of Karol Majka makes a show she is doing nothing...

Well, well...Just like common children...Come on!
It was found Karol have to take the suitcase of the spy and which has to be transferred to the hands of police. But it's too hard to loose such a collection of useful devices. Majka quickly supply him with cloned suitcase. You can see how quickly energy is spent. However Majka's battery is almost full-charged yet.
As nobody cancelled Majka's confinement to bed (doctor still can't get how come she feels well today after been horribly ill a day before) they direct their way towards the club by different roads. Majka of course is faster. So, friends again are together and no reasons for boredom.

It's interesting to know how she manages to move from the hotel to the club insensibly?! Surely, there are hordes of people waiting near her room! And the doorman Kompish also scans terrain better than war-owl. Looks like she has some "stealth" device on her belt.

Nevertheless the report of unlucky "knight of cloak and knife" was marked. Mafia starts preparatory works for Majka's kidnapping. The most experienced person was found for this mission. Here it is. Mmmm.... Seems they definitely have problems with personnel. Poor things, how they could keep own freedom with such a "workers". Lets see what the next fortune hunter can do. We guarantee him plenty of adventures.
Majka examines the rocket. Evidently non-flying state of this marvelous hand-made of local Hi-Tech engineers can't confuse her as well as absence of engine. Having examined this curiosity she admits it suitable for flying service. Only a few details have to be fixed up. And what are you surprised with? She flies herself without any additional lumber. Why not to have fun with maximal available number of friends? And amusement is thought to be remarkable. If you need to relax, do this as actively, as possible...
However it's not a good idea to hang behind the rocket hull on hands like a grape. Boys immediately found suitable desk at hand. Good choice for making nacelle. The only trouble how to couple it with rocket. Of course you can hang on hands for quite a long time. But what fun will be when sooner or later you'll need to fell. If altitude is low enough the most fun can be achieved during fell down in some pool (having good company the fun is doubled). More deeper and dirty pool is, more fun to get. But from higher altitude you can make harm to the health. And not only to that unlucky folk you fell down to which.
Unfortunately as usual there was no rope of needed length. Again Majka with her duplicator helps. Essential rope was made in a few minutes of simple work. I'm sure this device is of vital importace in any house. Can you tell me where I can buy such for myself? Due to mu business I can't fly to Gurun yet. And btw, why that duplication process was performed on Jurko's back? There were probability to find several clones of the boy himself. Of course, it's more convenient for school attendance, but in some other cases can cause much troubles. However I feel duplicator can clone only inanimate things of limited weight and power intensity.
A group of "commandos" is ready for mission. The main part of the group is disguised for musicians, which are going to arrive in Tchabovec. Their leader finds possible not to mask his own face at all. Good idea! But what they can play among music? "Happy birthday to you?", or "Jingle bells"? Something tells me that public likes more serious music.
The boys perform first flying tests of the modified construction. For safety they are performed over water surface. And felling down in water is absolutely accidental...maybe...taking into account they fall down one by one
As you could see, Majka plays a role of the main engine. But it's too late to fly today and mega-adventure is delayed until the next day.
It's interesting to know if that folks are aware of terms: "sea-sickness", "air-pocket", "bumpiness". If not, be sure, they learn those very quickly. They are very well learnt just after the very first meeting with them. Those who passed through those wants to fly more and more...if can stay m-m-m...reaction of organism.

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