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It's naturally, that unexpected guest was interested in Majka. He was told that she had gone to the hotel. Person of this visitor looks very suspicious to the children. You have lack of information? Go to the hotel. At the main entrance you can meet very nice porter. For fair price he can inform you about everything he knows. Or about what he doesn't know, but suspect... Or about what he doesn't know and even can't suspect. One small question for you, pal. What would you do, if Majka was here??? Your SWAT team has made a nice observing point in a bar and is only waiting for you. Everybody are already tired looking-for you.
Majka and Karol returns to the hotel trying to be imperceptible. But watchful Kompish can't miss anything! He informs friends about reception in honor of Majka prepared by directorate of the hotel and of course, which they must visit. This Kompish is ubiquitous! Well, some measures must be taken! Otherwise he can make our life unbearable!
Meanwhile the false-musucians staying in the room above Majka's one (received with the help of the same greedy porter) whiles the time playing cards to the accompaniment of phonogram of classical music. You are still not pissed off by that porter? I'm ready. He seems to be together with gangsters! Well, I'd like to take a look at his dossier. I'm sure we can find about twenty pages of discrediting materials.
The reception has started. Majka plays a role of decoration, as she needn't both to eat and to drink anything. Well, of course it's incompatible with "Oscar" presentation ceremony, but very nice done for province of that period.
While everybody are busy with reception, false-musicians starts kidnapping operation by penetrating into her room. Pals, don't you think it was necessary to switch off light in your room? Saving of electrical power is one of the most burning world problems. Have you ever heard what the leader of USSR Leonid Brezhnev had told about this?
But somebody didn't take into account extrasensory facilities of some aliens to detect illegal unpardonable intrusions. Majka feels unauthorized access to her room and directs her steps there. Why need she go alone? She easily can be accompanied with Karol, or Jurko! Although Jurko can't rise after entertainment.
Notified in advance by their observer about Majka's escaping from reception, kidnappers start their job. But their plan looks to be broken. The bandit, confused with strange behavior of abduct object can't bring himself to use traditional tool of all kidnappers - ether spray. Dear bandits, you need to have good relations with own head! Often it's very health-giving! If that ether plays the same role for aliens as, ...khm...strong drinks here? Can you imagine what alien can do in such a state? For all the shambles you'll become debtors of the hotel until your death! In modern Russian language there exists one suitable phrase, describing such a situation, which approximately can be translated as "To fall upon big bucks" (of course, not about receiving them...)
Majka is asked to choose the way of own kidnapping - to go herself into prepared instrument-case, or bandits will "help" her. but it seems the beginner-kidnappers of aliens didn't expect some specific difficulties. Well, the way of operation is going on is somewhat different from what developers of this risky operation had expected to be. Performers acts too gingerly. This job seems never were among their favorable ones. Of course, shooting is more simple. It needs minimal amount of brains. And victims are mostly silent and don't start strange talks as if they are immortal....

However, been informed about possibility to catch a strike against her head Majka suddenly agrees with arguments of kidnappers.

Karol, alarmed with too long absence of Majka makes his way after her.

I'm not sure kidnappers will be pleased with such a turn. I feel Majka had somewhat different reasons to accept the proposal of kidnappers than peril of rude force. More likely she had in mind new adventures, which definitely follows.
And that time real musicians arrives to the hotel. Suddenly they meet with bandit observer. He shows outstanding agility reaching the room even earlier than Karol does. You don't say so! Just in culmination point of the process! Can't exclude presence of black magic and dark humor here.
In the dark room "masters of kidnapping" attacks their companion, which was misfortune to enter before Karol. When young secretary enters and switches on the light bandits immediately discovers their mistake and quickly fixes it. Well, smart guy. so, you got your portion of ether? It is strange, but five minutes later he's again in good order. And Karol need to be in prison for some time. Eh, he'd need to accompany Majka earlier. You are secretary - a shadow of your patron.
Kompish discovers, he can't get something. Constant bifurcation of musicians makes him sick. In deepest shock he even provides information without asking for money. Anybody can become mad in such a situation! It's nice to see this to happen with annoying porter. It's punish of your fate...
While nobody searches for Majka, kidnappers quickly runs away from the hotel. But in corridor they suddenly meet their doubles. Not all of bandits has strong nerves and that folk, which carried the case with Majka inside in deep shock runs away leaving his load. Seems the boy still under effect of ether, as his brains are in such a state. Hey, who gave that idiot the main load?
Been also in shock after sudden meeting, the chief of kidnappers snatches the case from real musician. Ooops! You'd better order new glasses, guy!!! In half a meter we can see the case abandoned by your companion! And what are you doing???!!! I was not going to show my opinion, but your career seems to be lost...
The real musicians finds Majka in the case when opened it in their room. They couldn't find anything better to push her back and run after kidnappers. To jail, jail and jail! One folks for kidnapping and others for assistance (and the porter too. Sic!). Hey, Mr. Kvashnyak, you have good chances for promotion!
But musicians fails to run down their doubles. And the case suddenly flew from the hands of musician and rushes after the car of bandits... Well, the events quickly develops. How could we expect respectable musicians to show themselves like criminal assistants? The only thing they needed to do was to inform local police. What a fun could be rushing after kidnappers at night at full speed!!! Nobody can invent more fun than exploits after good drink! What a chance has been lost... It seems only Majka and Karol will be the only ones to get fun.

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