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A banquet was decided to make in honor of Majka. Quite a respectable cooking was gathered by united efforts. Sic! Not only questions to ask!

Now radio receives signal from Emil who has nick "Lunokhod" (Moon-buggy). He's radiofan and owns the most modern communication equipment around. Majka claims that "Lunokhod" was the Soviet automatic station. But in this case she's not absolutely right. Her friends explains told her about existence of such a staff as nicks. And it appears "Lunokhod" to be the soviet station and nick of their friend Emil at the same time.

A small remark. THere were no cell phones in 1970s. So "Lunokhod" has great advantage over his friends. Using his portable radio station he can communicate with mother and from the main one with anybody in the world.

His radio has one more useful feature as well, but now he's unaware of it.


That time Emil receive signal from "Felix" system. But the latter is not in a hurry to recognize him.

And really, why spaceship must reply to unknown aboriginal? Surely their own Control Center demands reports, video and other info about the Earth and inhabitants. No time to divert with silly talks.

In the course of the last preparations Majka replies to different historical and geographical questions. But they really are too simple for her. Her magic belt contains "canned knowledge", or in modern terms - databases covering many different subjects. Those ones were collected from radio signals before landing. But a simple request to tell any funny story confuses Majka.

Well, fundamental knowledge are quite comprehensive. But with common ones contain much blanks. Not everything can be collected in databases, eh?

It's time to start banquet. For such a case Majka receives the only fork in this house. But Majka refuses both from food and drink. Surprised friends learnt that she receives energy from "stabilizer" on the same belt.

In general, Majka is right. We can't recommend you to eat extraterrestrial food and drink without additional tests (take into consideration, if you visit some other planets). A "Stabilizer" more correctly to call "Accumulator". But from the other hand, who knows what it stabilize in particular.

The most possible case to suppose all this equipment to be used instead of well-known our space-suit. This makes clear why Majka prefers to fly instead of walking. Imagine that you landed on planet with larger gravity. You'd need to employ any means for staying there.

While friends are busy with food, Majka starts online TV-broadcast on "Felix" with followed retransmission on Gurun. Eating process itself seems to be the most amazing for aliens. At the same time previous reports went to Gurun as well. Earth children are unaware of this reports for the time being.

The time was not wasted! It's really interesting staff to make shots by hidden camera. You can't say with what it finishes - you'll be beaten, or become famous.

But it's really good that Majka has transmitted just the process of eating. there are large number of other activities where human nature can be seen - auctions, for example.

All those broadcasts appears to be seen through the Earth TV-sets as well. Emil and grandma of Karol appears to be among the audience. Yesssssss! Aliens also use PAL/SECAM standard for TV-signal! Is it really the most optimal in the universe? Well clever Japs then are supposed to receive it from aliens, sold here and are getting easy money from us?!
Pani Chutkova - grandma of Karol suddenly notices her grandchild and herself on the screen, had shot by camera of insidious Majka. The third stress per last two days. Not too much for an old woman? She's need to grow her grandchild until his full age. And in the same manner she can't stay for a long time.
Confused granny runs to her firm neighbor - doctor. but when she manages to bring him to the room they can't see anything unusual. The doctor follows traditions and ask old woman to be quiet and to eat some pills. We can get the kindest grandma. A note for modern generation - in 1970s it was as hard to be showed by TV as now to crack database of a famous Swiss bank. But it seems doctor becomes anxious about health of his neighbor. Good news are that he still was not going to call for hospital attendants. But if he's wrong?

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