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Return visit to the farmers. Everybody who wants to join farmers must pass through a feeding ceremony. But Jozho who couldn't complain on absence of appetite suddenly refuses to eat anything from Majka and looks frightened. Cleaned at last poor fellow. And sly Jurko stays just here, showing no remorse. Maybe poor Jozho don't want to eat because noticed you, eh? Or he got strong loathe towards space after that experiment he had been forced to take part in which?
It's worth to try on other rabbits. but they are frightened by Majka as well. to solve those questions (really, if some space microbes presents) the boys decided to visit their teacher of biology. It seems really rabbits feel something. Eh, we needs really experienced scientists in biology. Better not from the USA. They like to eviscerate sample first and then to ask questions.

And here Emil is. His portable radio set as usual is with him. And it's time to show its unknown facilities. The signal from the group of children irretrievably suppresses that one from "Lunokhod's" mom. It's clear even for hedgehog that the source of this signal Majka is. The policeman Kvashniak, who is interested in everything in the village, assumes those noise caused by activity of the sun, however

It's impossible to leave the hose without "cell phone"!

I have to note that such a useful device called "Finder". Generally speaking, it's better to have three such a devices, but, as we can see later in our case a single one will be quite enough. It should be mentioned that Emil found this feature quite in time. Adventures continuing....

The children tries to enter a teacher. But a school charwoman appears like an inviolable wall on their way inside. Only Karol is permitted to enter. It was calculated that one school charwoman having finished clearing the floor can stop a 20 bisons running at a speed of 30 km/h
And what the teacher is doing on vacations? He's busy with the favorable work - battle with clothes-moth! So, Karol is a noise in this battle, so he needs to retreat. A terrible revenge for this will follow, however I know that summer hotness is not the best climate for brain work. I also realize that clothes-moth is a terrible beast. But Mr. Gaidosh, that old skeleton is definitely unsuitable food for moth!!! To eat jacket would be much more appreciated!
The residual part of community was waiting for Karol on the nearest lawn. His story didn't caused much optimism.. Why not to fire a small fire and cook some meat?! A good idea would be....
Such an idyll was broken by the same charwoman, who quickly dispersed everybody. Majka was the last, but her escaping was the most effective. Her flew away made the old women trembling. I always said - God bless revenge. Especially to clamorous charwomen. A small pretty nice thing.
All the company follows to hotel, where father of Slavo works as a doorman. As you could guess, he's not fond of this visit and immediately pushes everybody out. You must have your head on shoulders. It's a paradise for tourists. Live currency! And a brave noisy company suddenly enters having absolutely unpredictable intends. It is better to keep them on a distance from public.
The friends tells father that Majka had arrived from another planet and a glow which could be seen recently was a result of her landing. But experienced doorman Kompish can't believe in this "fairy tales" about flights. So, Majka demonstrates how she (and pan Kompish too) can flight quite easily right now. It costs two damaged cars, rapid walk downstairs for one professor and play on nerves of local audience. Shocked doorman Kompish on maximal speed escapes to inform his boss about such a miracle. He forced Majka himself to demonstrate her facilities, so nobody else is responsible. But real professional. My respects. A school of Intelligence can be seen. You see, he didn't passed out, but immediately ran to inform the boss!
The doctor, who observed all those events from a remote distance starts getting pani Chutkova. To settle doubts he approaches to the children. Majka appears to be informed about doctor, that makes the latter a bit confused. However she knows all inhabitants of Empire State Building and exact number of floors in it. On reasonable requests of dear doctor how such a little girl can be an astronaut and travel without relatives Majka replies that she was not a little and is single. Doctor escapes from handshake, as he had no plans to fly for fun of witnesses.

Sometimes medicine is useless if the most unimaginable, at a first glance, lie to appear the truth. But what nerves does it cost to proof this.

By the way, if Majka is familiar with all inhabitants of that famous American sky-scraper, how doctor can found himself among them? From this place tell truth, truth and nothing else except truth, pan doctor. Passwords, secret rendezvous, spy network....

Impressed Kompish broken through the barrage of secretary demonstrates rare sort of hustling in office of the boss. Surely, boss got much doubts if the doorman was not mad. Among other things in the speech of the doorman he could get that the alien guest carries no typical features of aliens - green color, funnel-shape nose and head antennas. A few minutes later Karol and Majka found themselves in the office in spite of all the efforts of secretary.

And what profit the hotel can get! Wow!!! Brightest perspectives! Really bad she has no small horns and she's not green. But never mind. In necessity we can easily make horns and change color by the most radical means.

But the boss is still not free of the doubts. He's ready to throw everybody away when suddenly Kompish noticed activity of TV-set which was silent before this. As you could guess Majka again transmit info in online mode, so we can see both director and doorman on screen. The tone of the boss changes immediately. Officials often are afraid of mass-media. And what fear did they have in 1970s in socialist countries.... That time one broadcast could play a decisive role in a carrier. But now they became too fearless..at least in Russia...
As switching TV-set off didn't help and the broadcast proceeds, director makes sure it's not a trick and the guest really is from another planet. She's given the best hotel room. And hospital attendants evidently arrived by the request of director were unnecessary. And what would you think? That your electricity company managed to transmit power without cable?!
And children returns back to "Cosmodrome". As adults took power in their hands there are nothing to do for children....seemingly Again those grown-ups considers themselves to be always right. And all the plans are broken. Indeed, it is a pity.
But not everything is so badly. Majka is waiting for her friends near the club as if nothing had happened! Elation follows showed with maximal available activity. And why pan director thought Majka simply to seat in a room? Did he removed cockroaches at least? I knew that hotels. In socialist times they differed only by number and fatness of their small living beings... To tell the truth no insects could be seen, but this can't proof their absence...

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