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Majka and Karol prepares for the press conference. They need to dress up in appropriate way. And the first task for Majka is to ask Karol about his opinion of the new robe. He's the senior Earth tailor (for the visitor from Gurun planet) must know the subject much better than professional modellers. Thanks, God, they had no idea to dress Majka in that unforgettable avant-garde clothes. A load was taken off my mind...
The other folks that time needed to walk around the hotel under threatening eyes of pan Kompish. But their note manages to reach Majka's room, thrown by experienced hand and Karol, using all privileges of his official position orders to let all the friends to enter the hotel Hey, Kompish with great pleasure are making a good security out of himself, but we remember some of his trading operations. Who sells confidential information about guests? Foreign spies enjoy such a rascals, btw!
The press conference starts. A small confuse takes place at the very beginning. As the guest from another planet was supposed to differ much from Earth inhabitants (he-he, they'd like to see something green with gills and long feelers) and all the friends simply were pushed out of the room. but everything was very soon fixed up and Majka was represented to journalists. Hmmm.... Don't you think there are too low number of people gathered here? Or information was spread too slow? But TV is here, that is fine.

Majka starts replying to the questions of puzzled journalists (very strong stereotypes about aliens alive!). She can't answer to some questions, though, as can't get their sense.

Information about coordinates of Gurun also isn't useful. Too strange system they uses.

Be quiet, gentlemen, be quiet. She really has neither feelers, nor gills.

to my opinion, most replies of Majka are, ..khm... cagey, like "No in program", or "don't know".

Well-known to us "ufologist" immediately shows some cogent evidences had collected by him on the alighting area. But they appears to be of Earth origin. Majka tells the confused researcher about this followed by laugh of all the public.

You had nothing to do except this performance, Mr. "know-all"?

Have you even performed chemical analysis of the ground? Maybe tourists spent a week there filling earth with different strange things!

And why you attract everybody's attention, btw? Remember about your mission, or to remind you?

The guest is asked a question about details of work on her planet (typical communist question). It appeared nobody to work there and all manufacture process is automatic, based on simple reproduction in quantity. Majka is asked to demonstrate this in practice.

Wow!... The land of promise!!! And what they are doing there as a matter of fact? You can die from ennui without work. And what a fun you have listening girls-secretaries discussing their bosses! Acting them out with all details of their private life. Noooooo....Gurun lost many interesting in life.

And a trivia question, btw - where they gets samples for reproduction, eh? Maybe, khm..."borrow" from neighbors?

Having sponge-cake as a sample, Majka easily demonstrates all the process of reproducing showing superiority of alien technology. Cloned sponge-cake appears to be quite edible.

E-eh. Epical moment. Almost everybody, who ever had watched this serial remembered just this moment. Seems to clone cakes was the most intimate dream of many.

Mistrustful foreigner meanwhile can't sit quiet and blame Majka to use circus tricks. Ok, Majka added problems for him reproduced his suitcase in seven copies. Been shocked he learns all of them to be absolutely identical. In great hast he runs away, forgetting one of cloned suitcases after collision with entering woman.

Game over, ninny? I reminded you about mission and what a result? Ok, you have chance to wash yourself in the eyes of customer. And what are you going to do with those suitcases, mental invalid?

Everybody are interest in the content of the suitcase. And as he had escaped too quickly the lost suitcase was opened. A strange set of devices was found - camera, radio-set and other interesting things of unknown destination.

Suddenly Majka felt bad.

Hmm...Having eight suitcases no problem to loose one of them. Seems those, who gave this mission to such a muddler had chosen not the best person.

And hadn't he in his suitcase(s) something that could affect on Majka?

Doctor, who visited the press conference examines the alien, but can't find out what had happened with her. Using one of the devices from the lost suitcase (looks very much like Geiger counter for measurement of radioactivity) the doctor guesses her belt to be like a tiny nuclear reactor. In such a situation doctor, like many others, orders complete rest for Majka (and what he could do else?). But he seems to be wrong.

The doctor is ubiquitous! He seems have not enough practice in space medicine, though. He can't be experienced in nuclear technologies as well.

A small note. Incorrect stop of nuclear reactor can led to quite a heavy explosion.

In spite of prohibition of kindest doctor, Majka contacted "Felix". She need a new "stabilizer". The old one is almost empty. Karol helps her to reach the needed point in the mountains. It's not a simple task Consumption of energy was estimated too badly. Seems field model of multiplier eat too much of it. That led to a quick run down. Greetings from "suitcase-master". So many energy wasted...
However Majka strongly forbids Karol to follow her further. "Felix" is coming down and this can be not safe. By throwing of different things Majka managed to force Karol to hide himself behind a big stone. Having found yourself close to landing space ship, keep safety measures. Put on at least some helmet, if the nearest bunker is already occupied. You have better ideas? Then we are going to you.
Ordinary exchange was performed successfully. If you suppose UFO landing as a flopped down giant flying saucer filled with awfully swearing humanoids, you are not experienced in details of operating of space ships. I'll disappoint those, who'd like to hear fresh turns of speech from mentioned humanoids and tell you deep space secret. Sometimes it's enough to drop down so called "Transport ray" from spaceship and you easily can be transferred on board without landing.
Everything is all right! And Majka returns to Karol, safely hidden behind a sizeable stone. For especially mistrustful persons. If you thought it would be better to have two "stabilizers" and multiply them endlessly remind law of conservation of matter: "If somewhere something appears, somewhere the same amount must disappear". What I mean, is that the amount of energy needed for creating new stabilizer (or accumulator in this case) must be not less than it contain itself.



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