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Meanwhile outcasts gathered together to take a council. Topic is the same - clothes for Majka. I already gave notice that darling grandchild need to invent something himself. It's interesting to know what he's going to do...
And for now Majka needs to hide. A refuse bin seems to be the best place. As for flying over village - it's ok and now to hide? Maybe it's too late. And after refuse bin clothes needs to be changed in any case. So, no ways for retreat!
Karol permeates on the own garret having crafty mission of finding clothes for the girl. Slavo is staying ready to give alarm signal in necessity. This box looks pretty nice.

This will be surprise for granny if she ever has an idea to visit the garret. Hope that it is not soon remains however.

Grannies! Be careful. If you drove away your grandchild this doesn't mean you drove away ideas from his/her head as well!

Majka, instead of Slavo gave an alarm. Policeman Kvashniak is coming here.

Useful talent to feel police at a distance. You don't say so! The single policeman in the whole village and directly is ready to to catch red-handed.

Eh, what a talents are in Slovakian country police...

But Kvashniak couldn't find Majka. Slavo been not available to whistle prearranged signal couldn't find anything better than to ask the policeman to do this instead of himself to call his friend as though. After this Slavo quickly disappears. Our country policeman immediately would feel the dirty trick. Seen police nobody will whistle without particular reason. So, that's right Kvashniak is working in countryside, but not in Bratislava.
And pani Chutkova meanwhile is worried with that strange sounds from the garret. Armed with a "battle-axe" she took position downstairs. Really brave old lady. Some other would call the police immediately and this one is believing in her own forces. And if it were ghosts? In this case even good old battle-axe is useless.

Soon doctor Kamenisty - neighbor comes back. So, he becomes the first who learns about the strange events in garret. Although visit of the brave doctor upstairs gives no results and he advices emotional old woman to take a medicine for soothing. He providently move an ax a little farther from impressionable pani Chutkova.

Yes.... This is one of the easiest way to become crazy. Firstly visit of a strange guest, then noises in the garret. Maybe that guest just flew for something hidden in garret? And this thing is of vital importance for herself. Problem, however.

On closer examination Karol's captured material was identified as granny's wedding dress. In cornered situation the only exit is to alter it. It's in any case better than to walk in a dress from refuse bin. Real lack of luck. Old dress is not much better than super-modernist one. Thanks God it's not funeral dress. Some old women are fond of collecting such ones. At bay some ideas must come!...

Majka has no ideas about difficulties of dressmakers. So, Karol needed to start the job. He has no skills in this subject and two first attempts failed. Of course because Majka can't hover motionlessly. Slovo is more successful and at last the dress is shortened.

Mmmm... Possibly some bugs in software providing motionless hovering. Well done, Slavo! Idea that Majka could not simply hover, but must also rotate was decisive! This is called irradiation.
Final detail - wreath... What's the mania to jeer at meek extraterrestrial girls?!! To dress in an old wedding dress was ok, as there were no other ideas. But wreath is too much. Something reminds me the topic of Gogol's "Vij" novel.
While boys stayed turn aside Majka totally exchanges her old dress to maiden by Karol &Co (or more correctly Slavo &Co). And when she put on her belt over the dress, it'll became fine! Very nice girl appeared to be. Of course not dressed as top-model, but we are not in Paris as well...
And indefatigable old woman accompanied by doctor walks to "Cosmodrome". In spite of her age lady successful crossed the river while doctor had much problems. Really, what sacrifice can't you make not to look mad in the eyes of a gentleman. And night voyages are not the worst case, indeed...
Majka, however, feels approaching of the night visitors and effectively let her friends know about this.

Eh, and our patent signalling apparatus often can't do this. Tell me, how to miss such a useful extraterrestrial...Especially it's cool to send her to your enemies. Strong insomnia guaranteed for them.

Entered the club guests found remnants of the dress and boys peacefully sleeping. Majka hiding VERY close managed to keep imperceptible. Ouuu... young conspirators! Couldn't you quickly hide evidences? It's good that granny hadn't been in her mind and didn't notice Majka. Otherwise previous thrashing looked like as a light limbering-up.

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