July 18, 2012

I decided to create this site in memory of the old Czechoslovakian sci-fi serial for children, which was incredibly popular in late 1970s and 1980s in many countries. Unfortunately present generation has no opportunities to watch it. Russian central TV showed it last time in far away August 1990. For long 16 years our TV forgot about it. Forgot so deeply, that when TV channel "Culture" decided to show it after our kind request they need to translate it again!

Older generation often with nostalgy remembers this movie about Majka from remote Gurun planet. In many times they even can't remember the name of this movie, but often can remember the subject.

Using my opportunities I decided to fill the blank, to acquaint modern audience with this movie and to give chance for older people to meet with their childhood.

Please, don't seize upon technology of film shooting. In year 1978 there were no such things as computer graphic, 3D animation and similar special effects modern movies are famous for. So, I ask not to worry all those, who likes only graphics and tricks. The main advantages of this serial are in other field.


As not all can read my forum, I'll give info about what records do I have. They are:

  1. "Spadla z oblakov" (Slovakian/Russian) 5 DVD. The best quality!
  2. "Sie Kam aus Dem All" /"Spadla z oblakov" (German). ~30 minutes cut. But has two small episodes missed in original Slovakian copy.
  3. "Spadla z oblakov" (Slovakian). Full version of very poor quality. ~230Mb. Available for free from Svetlana's site

As many of you also remembers other Czechoslovakian movies, up to day I obtain the next records:

  1. "Arabela", (1979) , Czech/Russian, version 6 DVD-5
  2. "Arabela returns", [Arabela se vraci],(1993), Czech., 4 DVD-5, Russian - 2 DVD-5
  3. "Rumburak", (1986), Czech. Side brunch of "Arabela", 1 DVD
  4. "Octopuses fom the 2nd floor", "The Octopuses wishes Merry Xmas to you" ["Chobotnice z druhho patra", "Vesel vnoce prej chobotnice"] , (1986), Czech, 2 DVD
  5. "Explosion will be at 5 o'clock" [Vbuch bude v Pet], Slovakian, 1 DVD
  6. "The third dragon" [Treti arkan], Slovakian, 1 DVD
  7. "Stl pre trnstich" ("A table for fourteen"), 1978 (where Zuzana Pravnansk, who had played role of Majka in "Spadla z oblakov" took part)


Full llisting of my movies:

Contact me, if you are interested.


The site news

July 25, 2012

The "fanfic" book of Sergei Rusinov "Children from Sosnovka and a Guest from the Space" was published recently in Russia.

Children from Sosnovka and a Guest from the Space
July 25, 2008
Added covers of the official edition of movie



Contents, screenshots and comments

  1. Appearance (Zjavenie)
  2. Flying GirlLietac
  3. Wedding Dress (Svadobn aty)
  4. Attack (Prepad)
  5. Banquet (Banket)
  6. Father Fixed up Everything (Otec to zariadi)
  7. Secretary (Tajemnik)
  8. Enigmatic Foreigner (Zhadn cudzinec)
  9. Operation "Dandelion" (Opercia ppava)
  10. Rocket Trip (Vlet raketou)
  11. Kidnapping (nos)
  12. Shooting-range (Strelnica)
  13. PartingRozlucka


  • Production:Ceskoslovenska Televize Bratislava, Filmov Studio Gottwaldov, 1978
  • After Vclav Pavel Borovicka (1920-2004) - "Spadla z nebe", 1967 book
  • Producer: Radim Cvrcek
  • Music: Harry Macourek
  • Painter: Zdenk Rozkopal
  • Camera: Karel Kopeck

  • "Spadla z oblakov" (1978) - Czechoslovakia (Slovakian)
  • "Spadla z oblaku" or "Spadla s nebu" (1978) - Czechoslovakia (Czech)
  • "Priklyuchenija v kanikuly " (1978) - USSR
  • "She Came Out of the Blue Sky" (1978) - English.
  • "Majka - jenta fr verdsrommet" (1978) - Norway.
  • "Maika - Co Be Tu Tren Troi Roi Xuong" - Viet Nam
  • "Sie Kam aus Dem All" (1980) - DDR (German Democratic Republic)
  • "Majka z kosmosu" - Poland
  • "Csillagok kldtte" - Hungary
  • "Padnala ot oblacite" - Bulgaria (~1981)
  • "Mayka, La Nia del Espacio" - Spain (1985)
  • ? - Denmark

The serial was sold to 35 countries.

Among them: Poland, Hungary, German Democratic Republic, Vietnam, France, Algeria, Mongolia, Cuba, USSR, Bulgaria, Romania, Yugoslavia, Argentina, Australia, Syria, Iran, Great Britain (English dub was made by BBC), Norway, Spain


Book, 2000. Spadla z nebe


Covers of the restored version


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