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Morning after visit of night guests. Majka again let her friend to know about new visitors. Really, morning after visit of guests often is too hard. This one seems not to be an exception...
they are Katka and Ferko. Have written note for their friends on the farm they decided to perform a recon mission. It's really interesting what "flyer" Cosmonauts have. To satisfy a curiosity is a good idea. But a note is not out of place. In the worst case friends will know whom to avenge for them.
Reconnaissance carefully enters the club been unaware of a sma-a-aall surprise prepared for them. Children before entering somewhere it's obligatory to have ideas how to escape from it! Especially if you suspect presenting some secrets there. Secrets without guards are too rare luck now.
Here it is. Promised surprise. Everybody takes an active part in this fun. Majka as a flying witch, Karol and Slavo as a running bags and Katka with Ferko as an audience. As we could guess this performance finishes with quick retreat of the latter.

In reality it's enough hard to perform quick retreat of guests. The most nice part of guest is his back, but how to reach this effect quickly?.

Of course now audience is satiated with different sorts of special effects "made in Hollywood" and hardly can be frightened by such a performance. If you saw ashen hand with denticulate bloody knife and sepulchral voice will tell you some hackneyed phrases that would have some chances... may be.

They didn't ran far away however. Calming Katka Karol confesses that it were he and Slavo who frightened them. And Majka flied. Majka herself is demonstrated then as an argument. Made children frightened, now calm them yourselves too. And what if they are spies? Among spies gentlemen can be met as well. So, it's not a reason to exterminate them. And using such an instrument as gho-o-osts, save God from them...
Majka is not familiar with such a primitive emotions as laugh and weeping. Katka is very surprised. She was told that Majka originates from another planet and can't get many simplest things. Knowledge is not everything. And how to explain why without any evident reason when the sun is shining human can be very sad. And vice versa in very dark and rainy day you can have the best mood? Eternal argue of "physics" and lyrics". A human being is not a simple big heap of atoms arranged in 3D space however.

Came to consciousness a little Katka started to to put a place in the club in order. Boys were send outside with important task beat the dust out of blankets. And Katka herself started clearing the club accompanied with Majka.

And really, how they could live in such a flea-pit?! Only boys can. And Majka need to be accustomed to real order. Nothing good when she learn this from boys.

And at the same time Katka teach Majka dancing..

On their Gurun they are crazy with all their technical progress! Relaxation is also useful... in proper amounts, of course.

At last Jurko appears. Prepared for space flight. First of all he becomes familiar with Majka. for the first minutes he's upset supposing friends to fly without him. But he was clearly told that Majka had flew to the Earth herself without any help.

Pay attention to his fancy dress. For folks "from armored train" (i.e. who can't get it) explain - by those air-packs was thought to supply Jurko with air during the flight. Something tells me it was good that their rocket never fly so high. In other case the folk would have get real problems.
Naturally Majka demonstrated for Jurko how he can fly without rocket. More easily, btw.
Meanwhile been anxious about their friends, Igor and Dedich went to release them. To neutralize superior forces of the opponents the most powerful arms were taken. Thrown coal grenade commandos rushed into the house with battle cries in the best traditions of SWAT teams.

The not worked, but not in the way expected by authors. Liberators are here, but need they to do it?

Pay attention to Igor's syringe. Strange liquid he used filling this weapon.

Reference: usage of weapons of annihilation is forbidden by Hague convention.

Luckily syringe was not used. And nobody to liberate as well. But who is going to make clearing again after this "cavalry attack"?

True, new tidying to be performed. And we are even sure who'll make it (even if it's outside the movie). Have you ever see woman's reaction on dirt carried by you on a clean floor?

Ok, boys will be more clever in the future.

After short discussion Dedich makes an exam for Majka. But all his questions are too simple for alien girl. Confused Dedich is going to leave the company, but Karol stops him. So, Majka got two more friends.

Now "Cosclub" can be renamed into the Club of Majka's friends. And who knows may be soon the Society of Slovakian-Gurun friendship to appear. Money flows, grants, space travels on Gurun's account. But are there only friends on the Earth? Soon it'll become clear.

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