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Disappearance of the children is found and immediately hot pursuit is organized. This work is just for policeman Kvashnyak. No need for long searching for suspects. And everything could start much earlier, if not musicians...

And Majka manages to catch up with the automobile and liberate Karol from prison and throws unnecessary case down. Nevertheless they are not in a hurry to do the same themselves. When the cars stopped, "victims of kidnapping" (which generally speaking aren't such ones now) quickly leave it. Bandits are waiting for something on that place and sleep the sleep of the just until the morning. Majka and Karol do the same, but at a safe distance, of course.

He-he, it's very interesting to be a victim of kidnapping. Especially if you have nothing to loose. And we can't wait to see reaction of silly kidnappers.
The morning starts with unloading of the minivan. Well, why not to do it at night? anyway they were resting...

Suddenly one can see a helicopter in the sky. Majka wakes up her friend.

The main thing is not to miss the most interesting - to wave by hand to them flying away for nothing. to complete well-done job effectively is especial smartness!
Since pursuers have Emil's direction-finder they also didn't waste time. It's strange they couldn't catch bandits at night! They could reach Budapest for this time. May be they also decided to sleep all the night?
Checking the case bandits suddenly found their fault. Only an instrument needless for anybody except real musicians could be found there. Why are you blaming that poor thing? You yourself seized that case? Out of memory? M-m-m...I have much doubts you can survive the ages, when you can attribute this to progressive sclerosis. Mafia never pardon such loosers...
Everything finishes with slight scuffle with usage of improvised means

And if his head was stronger than vane? What would you use to fly?
For fans of fights in Shao Lin, Wild West and congested communal flat I'll say that those guys have no slightest ideas about them.

For the time being former victims enjoyed all the performance and Karol even helped with advices. But after some time Majka decided it was enough and starts shaming the bandits. After that speech she vigorously directs her way towards the helicopter accompanied by her secretary. Well, need we adventures to be proceeded? Otherwise they would cripple each other and unfortunately ambulance can't be seen nearby.

Karol however were not allowed to enter the helicopter. Majka from inside promises to return soon. Kidnappers meets this declaration with laugh. Maybe too early?
As soon as the helicopter takes off the pursuit appears. Have seen flying away helicopter they follows it.

What a opinionated folks! It were not them to seize Majka, it was herself to decide driving a helicopter. Haven't got yet? Oh, it's diagnosis.... And such a cretins are taken in Mafia... They need immediate extraordinary clearing of personnel! Maybe it's time to recruit some Russians. They are famous to be enough skilled.

Majka keeps her word and after some time the helicopter safely lands at the same clearing. The pilot quickly disappears. Majka immediately follows his way escaping from absolutely confused kidnappers. Now you can see how wrong you were? Catch her now... Probably you are lucky.....if to use brains, but not as usual. Eh, and if Majka decided to fly through habit. You are wrong to thing it's final. And really maybe they'd better concentrate on hunting after the pilot? Chances are much better...

Wild-goose chase was not too long. For former false-musicians and unlucky alien-kidnappers it finishes on the nearest slope, where policemen are waiting for them.
Made sure all criminals are caught

a prisoner-car follows the normal path and Majka together with Karol - their own way.

Finita la comedia. (Final of comedy). I'm sure - bandits must thank police for been seized. I guess bosses of Mafia hardly would award for failed operation
And Kvashnyak is awesome! What number of police found so quickly.. Growing, growing in my eyes....
Boys and Majka decides to visit a fair. As they have not much money, Majka drives in turn with one of her friends on each side-show, resolving in necessity sudden technical problems. For example, it's very easy to twist whirligig manually... Take into account - there were no ideas to multiply available money using Majka's equipment (at least plainly). Sic! Respect to criminal code...
The last money were decided to spent for shooting-range trying to gain a toy-bear for Majka. Unfortunately Karol is unlucky. Well, what "a sniper" he is... Can't hit a target from two meters. Muff!!! In your age I hit 46 points out of 50 from 10 meters!
Looks everything is lost. But suddenly the help arrives. A strange sponsor gives children another chance. But now it's Majka's turn to shoot. Don't take as gentle hint, but personally me is also not against of any sponsor support. do you know what amount of time I spent for creating this site?...You can guess reading all the texts...
Majka is much more lucky than Karol and the number of prizes available in the shooting-range dramatically decreases. And all of this with the help of that unknown sponsor, who generously pays for this rare sort of robbery-show. His mood is supported by a bottle of good vermouth kindly won by thankful Majka. Even curving of barrel of a rifle can't help the shooting-range owner. Very very powerful woman shooting-range owner is. Much force need to apply for curving a barrel! And the same result can be achieved if to damage sight. I have serious doubts it could help, though.
All the company returns home with plenty of prizes. I hope there were no overloading... Ufff.....Safe landing finally...
But all the good can suddenly finish. The joyful children leave the place...except Majka, who left sitting lonely near the rocket. Only Karol notices this. Again Majka's energy appears to be almost over and again stabilizer replacement is needed. Karol promises to help her..... Of course, long-range voyages can't stay without consequences! What amount of energy one need to burn carrying all friends around the country! And besides this many other small wastes... Seems really hard times appears to come...

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